Tis The Season!

Local author Joe Tennis and I at a book signing event at the Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport, TN on December 2nd.

I haven’t had a chance to fish much lately, partly because of changing weather and water conditions, primarily because I’ve been busy promoting my book. But I have managed to enjoy some of the great fall fishing this region offers. Turnover on many reservoirs, dying weed growth in rivers, falling water temperatures and shifts in prey location directly affect the location and feeding habits of many freshwater fish this late in the season. So anglers must adapt and be willing to change with the fish to continue enjoying good fishing. But as one window closes, another opens, so good cold-water fishing will soon be available. During this transition is a good time to finish Christmas shopping, decorate the tree, and enjoy the many other things this wonderful season brings. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, I have a suggestion for the anglers on your shopping list. Click the book cover on my home page and it will take you to Amazon.com where you can order my book or use the “Look Inside” feature to preview the book. “Look Inside” permits shoppers to see the pages that describe the book’s cover photos, the table of contents, the introduction, a portion of the first chapter, or random sample pages. Also, there’s a search option so you can see if the book covers some of your favorite fishing subjects. If you’d prefer to buy a book locally, I’ve added a tab at the top of the home page showing where you can buy one in this area. If you don’t live close buy, you can order a copy through any major book store. If you’d like an autographed or personalized copy, there’s also a tab showing my book signing schedule. You don’t have to feel obligated to buy a book if you decide to visit me at a local signing event. I always enjoy meeting and talking with other anglers so stop by and meet me if you have a few minutes and let’s talk about fishing!

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