A Busy Season Ahead

Headwaters of Patrick Henry

Summer passed much too quickly this year. I didn’t miss the extended heat of dog-days though I was disappointed my summer tan was a few shades lighter than normal. However, while it lasted summer fishing was very good. My friends and I enjoyed some productive smallmouth bass fishing in local rivers and reservoirs with some exceptional fish boated and above-average numbers. Also, before water temperatures began to fall we found good striped bass fishing in feeder-rivers above local reservoirs. Catching striped bass in shallow rivers during summer can be an exciting adventure but some of the best striped bass fishing of the year is quickly approaching in reservoirs. Now that the first cold snaps of the year have arrived and water temperatures are falling, good fishing will soon be available for a variety of species and I’ll do my best to get out and catch my share. Highland-reservoir walleyes are on my target list now along with schooling striped bass and hybrids. And of course, fall is my hands-down favorite time of year to fish for largemouth bass. However, I hope the weather cooperates because my available fishing time is shrinking quickly. Fall festivals, Christmas Shows and other seasonal events have created opportunities to get out, meet other anglers, learn new things and promote and sell books. I always enjoy meeting and sharing information with other anglers, almost as much as fishing, and have scheduled time off the water almost every weekend between now and mid-January. No problem; I’ll fish on weekdays, if the weather will permit it.

Keith at Big Stone GapI’ve made many new fishing friends since the autumn festival schedule began in late September. Book signings at the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Festival, Kingsport Exchange Place Fall Festival and Erwin Apple Festival jump-started the season. Selling books is always a priority at these events but my greatest enjoyment comes from meeting and sharing information with other anglers. Fishing is a never-ending learning experience so I’m always learning new things from others. Some of the benefits from attentive interaction include finding new lures, new places to fish and ways to catch fish. Finding new sources for fishing equipment is always a welcome bonus. I recently found someone to tie treble-hook trailers in color patterns I want, but can’t buy. I’ll have fun with those and expectations are high. And I often schedule time to scout new waters when traveling to distant signing events. I found a small lake along Virginia’s border with Kentucky that regularly produces bull bluegills and larger redear sunfish, aka shellcrackers. You can bet I’ll be there when the water begins to warm in early spring. Between scouting trips and tips from other anglers, I’ve started a list of new fishing spots to explore for smallmouth, trout, muskies, carp and others. Scouting some of these places will keep me from going into fishing withdrawal during the coming winter. I have several more future book signings scheduled including all three of the Tri-cities and my hometown of Bridgeport, WV. It’s always nice to visit the place where I grew up and learned to fish, see family, old friends, and make new friends. To complete my upcoming signing schedule, I’ll be at the East Tennessee Fishing Show in Knoxville in mid-January. You can find me there at the R&S Bait Company booth with my good friend and talented lure manufacturer Rodney Williams. It will be the largest and best fishing show of the year in this region with many outdoor celebrities, boat and lure manufacturers, and other industry representatives present so be sure to make a note on your winter schedule. You can find dates, times and addresses for all my scheduled signing events including the East Tennessee Fishing Show by clicking the “Book Signing Schedule” tab at the top of the page.

I’ve recently published a Kindle version of my book for the digital crowd and found it was much easier to finish than I expected. You can find a paperback or Kindle version of my book on Amazon.com by clicking on my book. Also, when Amazon finishes loading everything, you’ll see a Body 2 - Now on Amazon Kindlediscounted price when you buy both. As days get shorter and opportunities to fish become less, I’ll fill my late-fall and winter schedule working on a new book. I’ve just started writing so it’s premature to discuss content. However, I’m sure it will contain more about bass, lures, trout, equipment, walleyes, muskies, techniques and several more popular fishing topics. I’ll have to fish through a range of seasons to finish collecting information and photographs so another finished book is only a dot on the horizon but I’m excited about it and will provide more details here as the content develops. So I have a busy schedule ahead, filled with new experiences and adventures. Of course fishing is my preference but scouting, talking and writing about fishing follow close behind. So let the weather do as it will. If I’m flexible, I should be able to stay busy and have fun doing one of these until warm weather and the longer days of spring arrive. Be safe and good fishing till then!

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