If you’d like to visit me at a book signing event, I’d enjoy meeting you and answering any questions you have. If you think you might be interested in buying my book, you’re welcome to browse through one or I can show you sections in the book that address your special interests. I always bring books to signing events so if you decide to buy one, you can walk away with a personalized, autographed copy. I hope I have the chance to meet some of you then. Visit me at a future book signing at:


There are no book signings scheduled at this time.

  1. Good to talk to you today, maybe we will get a chance to do some smallmouth fishin soon!

  2. You are an incredible man to live the dream! XO Barbara Clark

  3. Ron Bonofiglio

    I enjoyed your article very much on Lake Nipigon. My wife and I are headed that way come this spring and would greatly appreciate any info such as clean lodging would be great. We also hope to begin fishing that area regularly for BIG PIKE!!!!

    • I’d recommend checking with McCollum’s Reflection Lake Resort on the southeast corner of Lake Nipigon first. I’ve not stayed there but have toured their facilities and was impressed with those who run the camp and all they offer. They have a nice website with photos showing much of their facilities. I’m sure there are several other nice camps available around the lake but McCollum’s offers a few things others can’t. They are a short, scenic drive from the town of Nipigon, and civilization, for those times when you need something or foul weather prevents you from spending time on the lake. And because they are located deep inside Orient Bay, you can enjoy good pike fishing close by in calm water when the main portion of Lake Nipigon is inaccessible; all too frequent during spring due to high wind and monster wave action. Despite where you stay or fish, Lake Nipigon offers a true wilderness experience so plan and pack accordingly. And the Orient Bay area on the southeast corner of the lake would be a good place to start and begin exploring all the region offers. I’m certain you’ll be impressed with the beauty, remoteness and good fishing Nipigon offers. Best of luck and be safe while you’re there!

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