Back On The Water

Twenty-three-inch brown trout release.

My first reservoir smallmouth bass caught left-handed.

The V-wake created by slowly retrieving a shallow-running minnow plug attracts explosive strikes from striped bass and hybrids. Black bass and walleyes are also attracted to this method of presentation.

Match lure choice to the size baitfish present, meaning profile and length. Choose color based on visibility.

A new ThunderStick out-of-the-box and one modified to present a smaller profile.

My friend and coworker TJ Blakely from Bass Pro Shop with a winter smallmouth and spotted bass he caught on a local highland reservoir.

Swimbaits in natural baitfish colors rigged weedless or on jigheads are good all season choices for highland reservoir walleyes.

The upper TVA system in east Tennessee offers excellent walleye fishing for size and numbers with low fishing pressure on most waters.



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