Christmas Smallmouth Bass

SB1 - Winter river shorelineSide bar 3 - Swimbait smallmouth 2Nineteen inch winter river smallmouth 1Side bar 1 - Fooled by an RR StrikerSide bar 2 - Striker with the tail bitten off

It’s not uncommon to have the tails bitten off swimbaits when fishing rivers for smallmouth bass. When this occurs, it isn’t always a small fish that inflicted the damage. As with any strike that doesn’t result in a fish caught, it’s an indication you’ve found a spot that holds fish so follow-up casts may reward you with a bragging-size smallmouth.

Side bar 3 - Swimbait smallmouth

I’ve been using slim-profile swimbaits for smallmouth bass in rivers for more than a year and have found them effect tools when the water is clear to lightly-stained and the flow is low to normal.

SB 5 - Deer that swam across the river 1

On a chilly, breezy day I had my choice of places to fish. My only companion was this whitetail doe that swam across the river.

Side bar 6 - Down by the river

Match lure selection with water condition and you can enjoy good river smallmouth bass fishing throughout the cold-water period.

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