Get Ready for Fall Fishing!

Before fully disassembling any model fishing reel, make sure you have a schematic like this one. A schematic will guide you through the disassembly and reassembly process. And if you discover something is worn and needs replaced, you’ll have the part number in front of you for reordering. Also, tiny springs, “C” locks and other components have a way of disappearing into another dimension while you’re working. Be sure to have a parts list and source for replacements in front of you for quick reordering if this occurs.

I use a simple blood knot to join line backing on reels to fresh lines when refilling reels. Use a blood knot and the lines exiting the knot will lay on the spool in the same direction as new line placed over them. When using two lines of markedly different diameters or when connected mono to braid, increase the number of wraps of the thinner line before slowly tightening the knot. 

When surface water temperatures drop in fall, baitfish and predators move toward the surface and cooler water. Make sure your reels are in good working order, line is fresh and hooks are sharp because fall is a premier time of the year to catch good numbers of fish as well as trophies. 

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