Harman’s Invitational 2012

                                                                                                                  Jimmy Aliff – Team Orvis

                                                                          Mr. Sonny Fleming and I enjoying the tournament festivities.

                                    Harman’s North Fork Cottages is in the heart of West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands Region.

                                                                                          Jason McMahon – Team Orvis

                                                                  Gene Whisman – Team PHWFF (Project Healing Waters)

                                                                                     Team J&M Flies with Team Jersey

                                                            Team Davidson River Outfitters’ Walker Parrott follows a big trout.

                                                                            Team WVU – Anna Harris & Seth Neptune

                                            The ladies were well represented by Team Ms. Guided’s Kiki Galvin & Mollie Simpkins.

                                                           Team Hoffler/Brown present a trout to the judge for measurement.

                                                                   Fly Rod Chronicles’ Jarod McClure & James Montgomery.

                     Team Brazos’ Colby Hackbarth hooks the team’s seventh trout with less than a minute left in the championship round.


                            Second place finishers, Hunter Hoffler & Andrew Brown, shining examples of the young people in our sport.

          Hunter Hoffler caught the longest trout of the tournament, a 64 cm bruiser, about 25 3/16″; a trout any angler would show proudly.

                                     Third place, Team Davidson River Outfitters’ Kevin Howell & Walker Parrott. Walker  is showing

                                     interest in one of the books I donated. Hope you enjoy it Walker.

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