Lake Vermilion 2011

Our temporary home on Lake Vermilion, a comfortable camp on the eastern tip of Pine Island.

                                     Some of my most reliable late-summer north country muskie lures include, from the top, Double

                                     Cowgirls, Top Walkers, smaller single-bladed inline bucktail spinners, Poe’s Awakers,

                                     Manta jerkbaits, and Hog Wobblers after the sun sets.

                                  My largest muskie to-date, a fifty incher caught on a topwater lure from the French River in Ontario.

                                                   My good friend Bill Hummel with a chunky Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass.

                                                   This smallmouth is a good representative example of the size bass we caught.

                                                                                       Let them go so they will grow!

                                     Ready-to-fish versions of the weedless inline spinners we used on Lake Vermilion are available

                                      in the Mepp’s Black Fury Combo Killers and Terminator Weedless In-Line Spinners.

                                                                                        So many fish, so little time.

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