Fall largemouth bass

               From early fall throughout the cold water period are great times to fish for largemouth bass because recreational boating

               and fishing pressure are lowest.

                                      It’s best to carry a variety of lures when searching for fall largemouths including minnow lures,

                                      lipless rattling lures, topwaters, spinnerbaits and your favorite shallow-running crankbaits. Add

                                      a few jigs with plastic trailers and plastic worms and you can fish effectively at various depths.

                                     As water levels drop in fall, many underwater hazards are exposed. Islands, shallow flats and

                                     other structure suddenly appear in areas where they weren’t present in spring. Carry a good

                                     topo map and follow primary channels until you learn where you can travel safely.

                                     As water temperature continues to drop, rubber-skirted jigs with large pork chunks become top

                                     choices. This nice bass took a 3/8-ounce Strike King Hack Attack jig with a #1 Uncle Josh Jumbo

                                     Frog trailer.

                                               Periods around major moon phases offer good fishing for shallow bass when other

                                               conditions are favorable. I caught this nice largemouth and several more under a

                                               rising full moon.

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