Late fall/early winter tail-water trout

                                                                       Fall offers good tail-water fishing for rainbow trout.

                                          Brown trout spawn during fall so all should be released as quickly and gently as possible.

                                            Large trout, like this five-pound-plus rainbow, are present in many southern tail-waters.

                                  Most tail-water trout average between eleven and fourteen inches and many are beautifully colored.

                  Brown trout grow large in many tail-waters where food sources are plentiful and water temperatures are ideal year-round.

                                     Quality-made ultralight rod and reel combos with line diameters of six-pound test or thinner are

                                     my choice for most winter tail-water trout presentations.

                                     Focus on days when conditions are best to catch larger fish. I caught this nice brown trout on a

                                    mild early January evening as a low-pressure system approached, three days before the full moon.

                                     Joe’s Flies Short Strikers are available with many fly body and blade combinations. Flies can be

                                     moved from one spinner frame to another until fish confirm the best combination under current


                                                    Release all the larger fish to preserve good fishing for the future.

                                                                 Practice CPR – Catch, Photograph and Release.

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