River smallies with Bob Barker

                                        Bob’s new favorite smallmouth crankbait, a small shallow-runner in a crappie color pattern.

                                        Those river smallmouths loved it!

                                      The smallmouth on the left is a post-spawn fish; long and thin with tattered fins. The chunk on

                                      the right is a mid-summer fish; fins healed, stocky and ready for trouble.

                                      Some of my most reliable early-summer river smallmouth lures include, from the top, small

                                      poppers, soft-plastic stickbaits or minnow lures to match cover conditions, shallow running

                                      crankbaits in colors to match water clarity, tube baits and three-inch grubs. With this collection

                                      of tools I can cover depths from the surface into the deepest pools with a variety of actions.

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