Something about hybrids

                   Good night fishing for hybrids begins in spring when shad and alewives begin spawning and lasts well into summer.

                 Five- and seven-inch Red Fins are good choices in topwater lures for hybrids. Throw both sizes and let the fish

                decide what they want under current conditions.

My custom-ordered hybrid/striper rod made by my good friend Erby Brown. Features include my signature, a striper decal, premium grade cork handle, rod balancer butt cap, holographic guides and reel seat with custom wraps to match. The G. Loomis decal identifies the blank and the Erby Custom Rods decal the craftsman who brought it all together. If you’re considering having a custom rod built, you can find Erby Brown on my Weekend Angler Facebook page friend’s list. He’s a disabled veteran, Project Healing Waters volunteer and avid fly fisherman who also makes some fine fly rods.

                 I consider a hybrid above ten pounds, like this one, a trophy fish. I release all hybrids eight pounds and larger

                 so other anglers can enjoy these powerful game fish.

                Striped bass and hybrids are often difficlut to tell apart. Broken lines aren’t always an indication you’ve caught a hybrid,

                as the striped bass at top shows. But look carefully at the body shape and you’ll see the striper’s head blends cleanly with

                its body width, forming a torpedo shape. The hybrid below has a small head in relation to the width of its body, similar to

               a white bass, crappie or other panfish. With experience and a careful examination, you can easily tell the difference in

               most cases.

A selection of these or similar lures will put you in the hybrid fishing business. From the top, Red Fins, Zara Spooks and poppers to cover the surface with various actions, bucktail jigs with curly-tailed trailers, lipless rattling lures and suspending minnow lures to cover the depths. Test lure size as you fish because hybrids can be very size selective; 3 1/2- to 5-inch sizes in baitfish colors are best.


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