Trips I Remember – Lake Nipigon

Sunrise on the docks, from our primitive cabin in Orient Bay.

My son Eric and I with the largest pike we caught on our trip to Lake Nipigon. We would have preferred to release the larger fish but our guide insisted on bludgeoning every legal fish to death as soon as it was in the boat and measured. I learned long ago; never argue with a man with a billy club.

Minnow lures were effective choices for pike in the icy waters of Lake Nipigon. Slow, steady retrieves with frequent pauses that stopped lures in the face of following fish produced consistent action. Try these or similar minnow lures in floating and suspending models for early-season pike in shallow water. From the top – Smithwick’s Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue, Bass Pro shops XPS Floating Minnow and Rapala Husky Jerks in HJ12 and HJ14 models. Clown was the hot color choice in Nipigon’s dark water but other bright colors also produced well.

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